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Abu Dhabi HomeSchoolers Association welcomes all home educating families in the UAE. Join us as we support each other to give our children great educational experience.

If you are just beginning your homeschooling journey in the UAE, you may want to start by joining the conversation on IN the SHADE, our yahoo chat group. This is a safe place to discuss all things “homeschooling”,  everything from suggestions on how to start your homeschooling journey to where to find ammonia for a science experiment.

If you are spending the summer in Abu Dhabi area,  your family is welcome to our MEET NOT MELT MONDAYS, when we meet at various indoor venues as mentioned weekly on IN the SHADE.

During the school year join homeschooling families at the “KFC  Park” near Zayed Sports City every Monday late afternoon to visit and play. Bring your folding chair to join our circle “in the shade" while our children play together.

ADHSA invites all homeschooling families to gather at the Sheikh Zayed Bowling Center for our  Fall Kick Off on Saturday, September 20, 3-4:30 pm followed by dinner at The Club (across the road).  Registration starts early September.


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In 2011, ADHSA executive redesigned the association's logo to better reflect who we are and what we stand for. The challenge was to make others aware from our logo that homeschoolers are not always "schooling" at HOME, and that we and our children are learning all time. Each design we came up with included the ubiquitous date palm to represent outdoor Abu Dhabi's desert oasis. Eventually we chose the image of a parent reading a book to several interested kids under the palm as most representative of how our children learn in many different settings. When we laid out our idea to graphic designer Sylvia Kernen, she honored us with her professional design sense by reinterpreting it: she turned the children into question marks and the parent into an exclamation mark, a symbolism that charms and delights us! After a few more tweeks, our logos was unveiled!
On the back of our T shirts, we also included a list of "Homeschoolers You May Have Heard Of:"
Blaise Pascal, France, mathematician
Wolfgang A.Mozart, Austria, composer
Louisa May Alcott, US, novelist
Thomas Alva Edison, US, inventor
Alexander Graham Bell, Scotland & US, inventor
Pierre Curie, France, physicist and Nobel Prize
Beatrix Potter, UK, children's author
Winston Churchill, UK, world leader
Robert Frost, US, poet & homeschooling father
Albert Einstein, Germany, physicist, Nobel Prize
Gabriela Mistral, Chile, poet & diplomat
Agatha Christie, UK, crime writer & playwright
Pearl S. Buck, US expat in China, Pulitzer Prize
Soichiro Honda, Japan, founder of Honda
Sandra Day O’Connor, US, Supreme Court Justice
Margaret Atwood, Canada, poet, novelist & activist
...and ME, world citizen with aspirations!
Currently, we stamp the ADHSA logo on:
  • Tshirts
  • Student and Teacher ID cards
  • ADHSA business cards,
  • ADHSA thank you cards
  • and, of course, our web site!
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As part of our mandate, ADHSA has as one of its goals to foster the development of special interest groups and clubs.

Clubs are generally formed when several families express interest in a regularly scheduled group activity, and one or more of those families takes the initiative to set parameters for the group and create a schedule. For the most part, clubs meet once or twice a month at club members' homes, rotating the venue so that no single family need host very often. Families must be ADHSA members in order to participate in the clubs.

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