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Abu Dhabi HomeSchoolers Association welcomes all home educating families in the UAE. Join us as we support each other to give our children great educational experiences.

If you are just beginning your homeschooling journey in the UAE, you may want to start by joining the conversation on IN the SHADE, our yahoo chat group, or on our Facebook page. These are safe places to discuss all things “homeschooling,” everything from suggestions on how to start your homeschooling journey to where to find ammonia for a science experiment.

An active, close-knit homeschool group is a crucial component for homeschooling success. During the school year, please join homeschooling families at the “KFC Park” near Zayed Sports City every Monday late afternoon to visit and play.  Bring your folding chair to join our circle IN the SHADE ·and our children play together.

Find out more about joining ADHSA.

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In the UAE, expat families choose homeschooling for a variety of reasons. Some can't find a seat for their child in a school, some want the freedom to travel and explore the UAE, some choose homeschooling for religious or philosophical reasons, and some homeschooled in their home countries and simply want to continue.

We get many inquiries from new homeschoolers about how to get started and what they need to know. This compilation of links should help clarify everything you need to know to get started!

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As part of our mandate, ADHSA has as one of its goals to foster the development of special interest groups and clubs.

Clubs are generally formed when several families express interest in a regularly scheduled group activity, and one or more of those families takes the initiative to set parameters for the group and create a schedule. For the most part, clubs meet once or twice a month at club members' homes, rotating the venue so that no single family need host very often. Families must be ADHSA members in order to participate in the clubs.

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2014historyBowl1A group of Abu Dhabi homeschoolers placed in the quarter finals of the International History Bee and Bowl Asia Championships in Hong Kong held June 14-15, 2014..

The Abu Dhabi HomeSchoolers Association sent a team of three teens to Hong Kong this summer after their successful run at the qualifying competition in Dubai.

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