Welcome to Homeschooling!

Abu Dhabi HomeSchoolers Association welcomes all home educating families in the UAE. Join us as we support each other to give our children great educational experiences.

If you are just beginning your homeschooling journey in the UAE, you may want to start by joining the conversation on our Facebook page. This is a safe place to discuss all things “homeschooling,” everything from suggestions on how to start your homeschooling journey to where to find ammonia for a science experiment.

An active, close-knit homeschool group is a crucial component for homeschooling success. During the school year, please join homeschooling families at the “KFC Park” near Zayed Sports City every Monday late afternoon to visit and play.  Bring your folding chair to join our circle "in the shade" to visit while our children play.

Why homeschool?

In the UAE, expat families choose homeschooling for a variety of reasons. Some can't find a seat for their child in a school, some want the freedom to travel and explore the UAE, some choose homeschooling for religious or philosophical reasons, and some homeschooled in their home countries and simply want to continue.

We get many inquiries from new homeschoolers about how to get started and what they need to know. For more tips, tricks, or other ideas please see the resources section. 

What's Happening in ADHSA

Three of our students, Reham, Arham, and Brycham, will soon be competing in the International History Bee and Bowl in Germany. We wish them all luck as they represent not only ADHSA, but the UAE. Please see the write-up in Abu Dhabi Week for more information. 

Earlier this year four of our students submitted entries for the Fairytales and Fables from the UAE Writing Competition, and one student, Eliana Hambleton, won an honorable mention for her story "The Gift". Each story was well written, and we look forward to submitting entries again next year. For more information please see the press release: "Her Excellency Sheikha Lubna awards winners of the first New Fairytales and Fables from the UAE Writing Competition"

ADHSA is a volunteer group of homeschoolers from different nationalities, faiths, cultures and homeschooling backgrounds, with its primary focus being to address the needs of children from grade 1 through high school. Our purpose is to encourage, support and inform each other and the homeschooling community in the greater metro area of Abu Dhabi.